September 24, 2017

Welcome to PPF Official Online Vacancies Application System

Instructions to Applicants:

  • To start the application process, you are required to register by opening an Account.
    Click Create an Account and fill in the required details.

    If you have already registered click Login at the top of the page to proceed.
    NOTE: all fields marked with a red asterisk must be completed.

  • Applicants are required to provide their Curriculum Vitae (CV) by providing appropriate information as the system specifies.
    Once the CV has been completed, it can be saved and used for future Job applications.You may update your CV when
    you think it is necessary, by loging back into the system.

  • When vacancies are announced, a registered user can simply log back into the system as described above, modify CV
    if required and finaly apply for the vacancies.

  • Statement from PPF For Job Applicant
    There is no Job Opening at the Moment.
    Please note that:This is the Official and approved way to submit your Job Application.
    If you use any other means.Your application will not be considered.
We have Updated Our System To Capture GPA and Class For Applicant Academic Qualification
"Dear Applicants Please update your Academic Qualification to Include The GPA and Class.You will not be able to Apply for a vacancy if this fields are not filled."
Statement from PPF
"The Fund is committed to fair and non-discriminatory practice in recruiting its Staff"